Friday, September 01, 2006

Fighting Them There So We Don't Have To Fight Them Here

"The Kids" have "hipped" the Ministry of Homeland Security to this new "blog" technology. They think it would be a good place to post information about what to do when the inevitable happens. By "the inevitable," they mean when the IslamoFascist Democrats force America's brave sons to "cut and run" from Iraq, and then each and every common American is forced to fight "them" HERE instead of THERE, like we are now.

The Ministry of Homeland Security would like to reassure the kids who write us with such worries. Have no fear, brave American teens, the MHS knows that the first blow The Terrorists would strike would be against our democratic elections. To avert such an outcome, no elections will be allowed to proceed where any Islamofascist Democrats are in danger of winning.