Thursday, September 21, 2006

Michelle Malkin Loves Terrorists

Michelle Maglalang Malkin has shown her true colors and joined forces with The Terrorists. She feels that the poor terrorists are being treated unfairly, that their imprisonment is illegal, that their trial was unfair and rigged, and that their inevitable executions are an outrage.

Oh, but wait... she doesn't mean The Terrorists that the Bush administration is holding without trial at Guantánamo Bay, or The Terrorists for whom Bush is setting up kangaroo courts and eventual executions. No, Madame Malkin means the GOOD kind of terrorists: Christian Terrorists.

Seems our Mistress of Interments is angry because three convicted Christian terrorists in Indonesia were convicted in a court of law "of masterminding a massacre of 200 Muslims in Poso." Now these Christian Terrorists Warriors are due to be executed despite, as Michelle claims, "grave doubts raised over the fairness of the trial."

The hypocrisy and comedy of her stance here are blindingly hilarious. Malkin is, of course, the daughter of Asian immigrants who made her bones in the Right-Wing Conservative BlahBlah Talking Heads Club by publishing a poorly-researched screed defending the illegal, racist, and pointless internment of American-born Japanese during World War II. Malkin has been among the most vocal and vituperative of reactionary Republicans in her constant defense of our illegal prison in Guantánamo Bay, the executions Bush wants to hold there free of judicial restraint or review, and the President's policy of executing Islamofascists wherever they may be found.

Suddenly, though, Michelle has changed her mind about The Terrorists and their rights to a free trial. She links to this article from Asia News which reports that the three convicted Terrorists' lawyers will now attempt to:

take their case before the International Criminal Court in Geneva, as per a human rights convention ratified by Jakarta, to safeguard the three men’s right to life and to denounce irregularities of Indonesian trials.
So... suddenly the Right Wing now realizes the entire point of the International Criminal Court in Geneva, a court that they have spent the last decade attempting to undermine and to make our soldiers and politicians immune from prosecution by? But what could turn Malkin around about America's need to be immune from international prosecution, an issue she feels so strongly about? Oh, right, the accused are CHRISTIAN terrorists.

Michelle's big complaint is that The Terrorists the Christian Freedom Fighters "were convicted by a trial riddled with illegalities, like witnesses who were not listened to and evidence that was rejected by the court."

Crazy. An irregular trial where witnesses aren't listened to and improper evidence was used? That actually sounds like an improvement over Bush's "military tribunals" and his rules which will allow secret evidence to be used to convict the accused without an opportunity to review it, where "evidence" obtained by torture will be admissible against the accused, where the accused can only use lawyers and translators cleared by the military (which is taking more than 2 years in some cases), and where the General in charge of the tribunal can shut it down at any moment (should, say, it look like the accused is about to be exonerated). That Indonesian trial sounds downright fair by comparison.

This sudden concern for the human rights and due process of accused Terrorists seems oddly contradictory for Malkin and her crowd who normally equate support for the rule of law with being pro-terrorist. I suppose the fact that these Terrorists read from the Bible while killing innocents makes them better than Terrorists who read from the Koran whilst doing the same thing.

As Glenn Greenwald brilliantly puts it:
I wonder what it is about this case that makes Michelle and Gateway Pundit so concerned for the Rights of Terrorists when normally they mock those who express such concern? What's different here? Do Malkin and her comrades want to protect terrorists more than innocent people? Sure seems that way. And just look at how brutal and inhumane Muslims are -- convicting people of terrorism despite evidentiary irregularities in their trial. That is the Evil we are battling in our War of Civilizations.

Maybe the U.S. Government could intervene on behalf of the convicted Terrorists and insist that even accused terrorists have the right to a fair trial and due process, and that it is inhumane and barbaric to impose the death penalty after convicting them of terrorism without first giving them a trial free of any irregularities. A fair trial prior to execution is, after all, a universal value -- even for Terrorists.

We have great moral authority in the world to make that point and I'm sure our protest would go over really well and Indonesia would do what it could to ensure that it was meeting our high standards of justice before proceeding with the execution of these Terrorists. Or maybe we could use our influence with the International Criminal Court in Geneva to advocate for greater protections and a fair trial for these convicted Terrorists.
My sentiments exactly. I only wonder if Malkin is even capable of recognizing just how stupid her stance on this issue truly is.