Monday, September 11, 2006

The Democrats Have Politicized 9/11

On Fox News Sunday, William Kristol attacked Democrats for "turn[ing] every event, including now the fifth anniversary of 9-11, into a partisan fight," and claimed that it is "a totally false charge that [President Bush] has played the politics of fear." Kristol also claimed that Bush "has never said a word about the Clinton administration. He has never tried to blame past [national security] failures on them."

Media Matters once more goes out of its way to "prove" otherwise, using quotes from Glorious Leaders Bush and Cheney, and off-the-record comments from Bush Administration aides urging Republicans to "spread the word about [the president's] aggressive speech by talking about it in the context of the election." The message: Republicans are strong, and Democrats are weak."

Eh. Not as subtle as the Ministry would have liked, but again, as we all know, catapult the propaganda enough times and the doublethink will kick in: Bush is Good, Democrats are bad and 2+2=5.

Besides, we should always remember that it's LIBERALS who don't care about America. For proof, just look at these East Coast Liberals on 9/11/2001: