Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tis' the Season... For Senatorial Treason!

The Ministry hopes that it's clear to your which of these people has Murrka's™ best interests at heart:

Bush Asks GOP to Back Terror Bills
Sep 14, 12:32 PM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush visited Capitol Hill Thursday where he conferred behind closed doors with House Republicans on legislation to give the government more power to spy on, imprison and interrogate terrorism suspects.
"I will resist any bill that does not enable this plan to go forward," Bush told reporters back at the White House after his meeting with lawmakers.
Bush's proposals would narrow the U.S. legal interpretation of the Geneva Conventions in a bid to allow tougher interrogations and shield U.S. personnel from being prosecuted for war crimes.
Our Glorious Leader, President Bush wants to torture people and not be prosecuted for so-called war crimes. A clearly reasonable request.

So Why are these liberal traitors standing in opposition to his genial requests?
Senators Challenge Bush's Terror Bill
Sep 14, 12:55 PM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House and three powerful GOP senators reached an impasse Wednesday over a Bush administration plan to allow tough CIA interrogations, underscoring election-season divisions among Republicans on the high profile issue of security.
In a direct challenge to President Bush, Sen. John Warner, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said his panel would meet Thursday to finalize an alternative to the White House plan to prosecute terror suspects and redefine acts that constitute war crimes. Warner, R-Va., said the administration proposal would lower the standard for the treatment of prisoners, potentially putting U.S. troops at risk should other countries retaliate.
Once again the Liberal Left, as represented by Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and John Warner (R-VA), cave to their liberal hotbed blue constituencies and stand in opposition to a little torture and killing to keep you safe.

Meanwhile, just what the hell is THIS discredited traitor doing opening up his mouth?
But Bush's former secretary of state, Colin Powell, endorsed efforts to block the president's plan.
Powell lent his support to three Republican senators Thursday saying that Congress must not pass Bush's proposal to redefine U.S. compliance with the Geneva Conventions, a treaty that sets international standards for the treatment of prisoners of war.
Powell sent a letter to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the Republican lawmakers seeking limits to legislation on interrogations, in the latest sign of GOP division over White House security.
"The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism," said Powell, who served under Bush and is a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "To redefine Common Article 3 would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk."
He had his chance to change things from the inside and instead he chose to play pattycake. Now he bites the hand that fed him so well over these many years. Is there no shame?