Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Survivor: Race War Edition Premieres Thursday!

Only two more days until Survivor: Rahowa Islands premieres on the Ministry of Entertainment's Viacom division, sub-branch CBS! Be sure to watch and root for your favorite tribe and buy your tribal buff, whether it be Pure White, Dirty Brown, Wicked Black or Bright Yellow!

Yes, a good time will be had by all, as this season, the tribes will be split up by race! Recent news coverage all focuses on the racial aspect of this tribal division, what it represents for American society and blah blah blah, proving once again the Ministry's ongoing thoughtwar has been carried out perfectly. Yes, only by forcing the people of Murrka™ to focus on the artificial divisions of race and thus divide them and turn them against one another can we continue to distract them from the real battle which has always been going on since the beginning of time. That battle, of course, being poor black, white, & brown people versus rich people.

Luckily all popular entertainment is designed to further exacerbate this artificially constructed "race problem" of America and divert attention away from the "class problem" we don't want the peons to notice. God™ forbid they actually realize what we're up to and turn against us en masse... there aren't enough cops and national guardsmen in the world to prevent the slaughter which would run through the streets of Beverly Hills and Kennebunkport. Fortunately, the thoughtwar has been so perfect that even films which are created by lying liberals like Tim Robbins, such as the upcoming pro-terrorist film Catch A Fire focus on racial divisions instead of the class divisions which truly motivate mankind. Then again, even rich liberals know which side of their bread is buttered, right? Ha!

Of course, when Race War just isn't enough, there's always the promise of Religious War. Ahh, there's always something to manipulate the suckers with. I don't know what I was worrying about... why, our armies of the Lord would surely be enough to strong stop the marauding hordes of the poor... especially since many of them belong in both camps! Oh, the system is brilliant, utterly brilliant. I love Big Brother.